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The winds of WWIII were on David Bowie's mind with this forgotten tune

By now, the news of the death of David Bowie has sunk in or maybe we are just numb as the celebrity death toll of 2016 continues to assault our pop culture. One of the most intriguing observations on the internet was the variety of Bowie songs people played in paying tribute to the Thin White Duke. One song that I don't think anyone played is a fine addition to Lost and Found Movie Week catalog entitled When The Wind Blows.

Of all the sub-genres of '80s movies, the pickin's for "English animated disaster movies" is pretty slim with 1986's Whistle Down The Wind perhaps being in a category by itself. Based on a graphic novel by Raymond Griggs of the same name, Whistle Down The Wind is the love story of a retired English couple who prepare to survive WW III just like they did WW II by hunkering down in a shelter to survive bombing attacks. Unfortunately, the bombs dropped are nuclear bringing about tragic results for our geriatric heroes. 

One of the rarer '80s songs by Bowie, the animated video for When The Wind Blows is a great watch and like most Bowie songs, his dramatic vocals compliment the video. Released as a single prior to the release of the movie When The Wind Blows, Bowie's title song only made it to No. 44 on the U.K. singles chart. During 1986, there was a lot of Bowie movie action as When The Wind Blows followed on the heels of Absolute Beginners in addition to his role as Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth.        

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