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Theme song to 'THE cruising vessel' from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

With the ease and low cost of the automatic car wash, the art of washing your car in the driveway seemed to have died, but in the '80s it was alive and well. In 1982 we all remember that before he served his last fry at All American Burger, Brad from Fast Times At Ridgemont High took pride in washing his car while jamming to the Ravyen's Raised On The Radio. However, today we empty the bucket and put away the Shammy and unearth the unusual video for Raised On The Radio.

Last year we featured Baltimore's Ravyens on Lost and Found with their hard rocking Don't Leave This Way. After their appearance on Fast Times soundtrack, the Ravyens rerecorded Raised On The Radio and made a video for it to promote their self-titled 1984 album. Going a different direction from the fun interpretation in Fast Times, the video for Raised On Radio starts off dark as we find a social worker (actress Janet Carroll who played Joel's egg-loving mom in Risky Business) delivering recently orphaned Bobby Fahey with nothing but a suitcase and a bad haircut to someone(relative, friend, who knows?) who knew his mother. All alone and depressed, rhythmically challenged Bobby finds refuge in his transistor radio and that is where the Ravyens come to help tie together this oddball video.

When success failed to claim the Ravyens (led by Rob Fahey - kin to Bobby?), MCA dropped them but since then there have been several reunions.

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