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There were TWO musical tributes to the Three Stooges in the '80s?!?



Most of us remember the Three Stooges tribute The Curly Shuffle by Jump ‘n in the Saddle that reached No. 15 on the charts in 1984. Did you know that there was earlier Three Stooges tribute in 1983 by The Finders entitled Calling Dr. Howard? Soitenly!

The Finders are a four-man group from San Francisco that landed on MTV and got regional radio play with Calling Dr. Howard. The title refers to brothers Moe, Curly and Shemp, who’s last name was Howard (actually Horwitz). The song also references Dr. Fine, which is a nod to Larry Fine (actually Feinberg).

While The Finders got noticed by Calling Dr. Howard, it accidentally led to the band’s demise as The Finders got labeled as a “wiseguys” novelty act rather than a serious rock band.

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