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There's a cover version of Just Like Heaven?!? Yep, and it was a hit



The topic of cover songs in the '80s is so rich that we need to devote another week to it. However, let's mix it up and besides some covers, let's also shine a light on some originals that were made more famous by other artists. Does that sound Just Like Heaven to you? It does to Dinosaur Jr.

After years of dominating the U.K. charts, The Cure finally had their first Top 40 hit in the U.S. in 1987 with Just Like Heaven. Granted it only hit No. 40 , but it remains one of their more recognizable tunes. In 1989, Massachusetts's own Dinosaur Jr. recorded their version of Just Like Heaven for a compilation album, but liked it so much they kept it to themselves and released it as a single without the support of an album. The song was embraced across the pond and made it to No. 78 on the U.K. Charts (You can find the song on reissues of their 1987 album You're Living All Over Me).

The video for Just Like Heaven is a little odd with Sesame Street hand puppets forming their own mosh pit including Oscar The Grouch dressed in a Deep Wound T-Shirt, which is Dinosaur Jr.'s lead singer/guitarists J. Mascis first band. If you think the video is cut off before it ends, think again, as that is just the way their version ends - very abruptly. The word is that Robert Smith of The Cure loves the Dinosaur Jr. version so much, that many times they play Just Like Heaven more the Dinosaur Jr. way than the recorded Cure way during a concert.

Dinosaur Jr. had their greatest commercial success in the '90s when alternative rock became fashionable and they had several modern rock track hits like Start Choppin and Feel The Pain. Mascis has evolved as one of the more respected and unique guitar players with his heavy feedback-oriented play. Dinosaur Jr. are still together and are scheduled for a summer tour in Europe. 

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