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There's no breaking free of this iconic Queen video



Yesterday we featured Kings and Queens on Lost and Found, but today we just have Queen. With the upcoming blockbuster Suicide Squad featuring Bohemian Rhapsody in it ads, there will be no shortage of hearing that iconic song the rest of the summer, so it you want to hear a Queen song that won't be played non-stop on a loop, we submit to you the fun I Want To Break Free.

In 1984, Queen proved it wasn't afraid to experiment with their sound giving us The Works album, which had unusual ditties like Radio Gaga and I Want To Break Free. The video for I Want To Break Free is one of the more silly videos of that year with the band taking delight by dressing in drag. The video is a parody with the members of Queen portraying cast members of the British soap opera Coronation Street. While Freddy Mercury draws snickers with his perky pink sweater and hairy body, the real showstopper is drummer Roger Taylor, who is quite fetching in his schoolgirl outfit and makeup. Rounding out the Queen household is bassist John Deacon as the buttoned-up grandma and guitarist Brian May as the tired mom in curlers and bunny slippers.

As funny as the drag portions are for the video, the head scratching begins halfway through with an artistic dance interpretation by the London Royal Ballet and Mercury rolling over dancers without his trademark mustache. I Want To Break Free only made it to No. 45 on the pop charts and started the string of singles by Queen that failed to hit the Top 40.

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