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There’s no mystery behind the appeal of ‘Clue’



If Hollywood is so gung-ho on remaking movies from the ‘80s, maybe they should start with just making movies based on board games. It worked for Clue.

Clue, the 1985 comedy with an ensemble cast including Madeline Kahn, Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd, wasn’t a huge box office hit when it was released, but thanks to cable networks like HBO, it quickly gained a cult following after it left cinemas.

The historic Tampa Theatre is hosting a screening of the movie on Friday night as part of its summer “Rewind” series. But before you go to see if Col. Mustard is hiding behind the concession stand with a candlestick, be a good sleuth and study these “clues” first.


1. The movie is based on a British game that was originally developed in the 1940s to be played in London bomb shelters during World War II.

2. The role of the French maid "Yvette" drew interest from actors Jennifer Jason Leigh, Demi Moore and even Madonna. Colleen Camp caught the director’s eye - and won the part - by showing up to the audition in costume.

3. Three endings for Clue were shot, and the different finales were shown at different showtimes. Future DVD editions of the movie contain a special feature allowing the ending to be picked randomly for home viewers.

4. The movie is very short - just 88 minutes, causing famed critic Roger Ebert to wonder in his review why the filmmakers didn’t just include all three endings in theaters.

5. Several attempts have been made to remake Clue, including one by director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) in 2008. Why none have succeeded yet remains a mystery.

If you go: Clue, 10:30 p.m., Friday, July 22. Tampa Theatre, 711 N Franklin St, Tampa.


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