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These 5 hits from the '80s have no business being on AOL's list of 100 worst songs of all time



We love lists, but best-of lists and worst-of lists are just brain candy. And AOL Radio Blog's latest list of the 100 worst songs of all time is the stuff cavities are made from.

Sure there are plenty of '80s songs that belong on the list, and AOL rightly names a couple of Paul McCartney duets (The Girl is Mine and Ebony & Ivory) as two of them. But another half dozen or so are wrongly accused.

Here are five songs that made AOL's list (see the full list here) that don't deserve this dishonor (along with their reason and my reason):

74. DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS (Band Aid): "This song proves once and for all that the road to musical hell is paved with the best of intentions."
I say: Sure beats the hell out of We Are The World, which should have been No. 1 on this list.

70. THE LADY IN RED (Chris de Burgh): "Unlike most guys, he remembers what his wife wore when they met. So? At least those fellas don't write crap songs."
I say: Every guy loves to slow dance to this one, because it requires no real dancing skill whatsoever, which is the real genius behind it.

61. WALK THE DINOSAUR (Was Not Was):
"Look out! Meteor! Boom! Boom! Aka-lacka-lacka-boom! This song is knocked into extinction. Our ears are saved!"
I say: Come on, AOL. This is perhaps one of the top 5 guilty pleasures of all time!

39. PHYSICAL (Olivia Newton-John): "An entire generation's leg-warmered, pastel spandex shame is laid bare in just under four minutes."
I say: I have an autographed ONJ record in my office, so she can do no harm. But how can you hate one of the defining songs of an entire cultural movement?

22. WE BUILT THIS CITY (Starship):
"You say you can't undo a legacy? Well, here's Grace Slick, singer of 'White Rabbit' proving you way wrong."
I say: I've never understood the hatred of this song … or the movie Armageddon for that matter. But I forgive you, AOL, because you weren't blessed enough to enjoy the '80s firsthand.

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