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This Bronski Beat video ain't necessarily appetizing



I don't claim to know a lot about competitive eating contests, but I do know some name like Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi. While everybody knows about the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest that started in the late '70s, there was competitive eating in '80s music videos too, just get out the barf bag for Bronski Beat and their video for Ain't Necessarily So.

We've featured Bronski Beat many years ago on Lost and Found with their dance hit Small Town Boy from their Age Of Consent album. The third single off of that album was Ain't Necessarily So and it was a Top 20 hit in the U.K.

The video for Ain't Necessary So has the guys from Bronksi Beat in a light security prison with lead singer Jimmy Somerville getting ready to take on "Martin" in a contest in which keyboardist Larry Steinbachek takes all the side bets. Other Bronski Beat member Steve Bronski plays the part of the leering jailer keeping too close of an eye on the prisoners. The mystery of the contest is revealed during a church service as it's a tart/pie eating contest and while it may not be as impressive as Chestnut's 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes achieved this summer, Somerville takes a lead of 38-37 before a gut-wrenching finale with a comic ending.

As one of first open gay bands, Bronki Beat's whimsical video for Ain't Necessarily So belies the lyrics of the song that questions several stories in the Bible. Before you think that this was another Bronski Beat rebellious stance, the song is actually another tune to add to the long list of cover songs in the '80s. Ain't Necessarily So is actually a George and Ira Gershwin tune that was part of their 1935 musical Porgy And Bess. In the musical the song is one character's (drug dealer Sportin' Life) view and overall Porgy And Bess was considered more controversial for its racial portrayals than any controversy concerning religious views.

Bronksi Beat is still trying to remain active although Somerville left in the '80s for his solo career and Steinbachek passed away last December.

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