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This forgotten hit has a little Loverboy and Stones in it



Many a Rolling Stones song has inspired mixed emotions. Today's song has the elements of a heart, a knife, your most important digit and the band Loverboy. What song could inspire that sort of combination? Under My Thumb.  

Streetheart is a Canadian band that won the Juno Award in 1980 for Most Promising Group and in that year they hit the Canadian Top 40 with a remake of Under My Thumb. For hard core fans of Canadian rock, Streetheart is also remembered for two of its founding members, Paul Dean and Matt Frenette, would leave Streetheart to start Loverboy with Mike Reno.

 Although never released as a single when it appeared on their 1966 album Aftermath, Under My Thumb has prevailed one of the Stones most popular songs and the Streetheart version reached No. 29 on the Canadian charts but did not appear on the U.S. charts. Under My Thumb is also notable as it was the song being performed in 1969's Altamont Free Concert when a member of the Hell's Angels (acting as security) stabbed and killed a armed man that was captured on film.

The Streetheart version of Under My Thumb is an outright rocker with heavy guitar and a great rhythm beat provided by Frenette, who you will immediately recognize on drums in the video with his excitable facial expressions. I can't tell if that is Paul Dean on guitar in the video as Dean may have already left Streetheart when the video for Under My Thumb was made or it could be Dean without his trademark perm that he sported in Loverboy.

Lead singer Kenny Shields would keep Streetheart going after Dean and Frenette's departure to Loverboy but the original members all got back together in 1993 to play a few concert dates. The current version of Streetheart still tours all over Canada.

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