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This Lost Boy gets my vote as the ‘Designated Survivor’



I’m fresh off watching the pilot episode of ABC’s new drama Designated Survivor, and I have just one question: Since when did Keifer Sutherland become such a nerd? The glasses, the Cornell hoodie ... it doesn't work for our boy from the '80s. (I get it, though: Start him meek before he turns mighty...)

Truth be told, Keifer will always be a “Lost Boy” to me, talking us into eating maggots and thinking it’s rice - or vice versa. Such was the power of The Keifer. Sutherland appeared in a cool DOZEN movies in the ‘80s (along with a couple TV movies) but he’s always be “David” from 1987’s The Lost Boys

So where does that leave us with Wednesday night’s pilot for Designated Survivor? It’s probably too early to tell, but so far I’m hooked enough to keep watching. Sutherland plays the affable but soon-to-be-fired Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who has been chosen to sit out the president’s state of the union address in a secure location.

Well, if you've seen the trailers, you pretty much know what happens from there. If only Keifer had watched all those episodes of The West Wing, he’d know exactly what to do. (”First thing always is national security. Get your commanders together. Appoint Joint Chiefs, appoint a chairman. Take us to Defcon 4. Have the governors send emergency delegates to Washington. The assistant Attorney General is going to be the Acting A.G. If he tells you he wants to bring out the National Guard, do what he tells you.” And then of course, appoint your best friend to chief of staff.)

Anyway, back to Designated Survivor. This show will probably have legs assuming a few things: 

1. Keifer should start wearing a leather jacket and buy a motorcycle. No, I’m kidding … or am I? 

2. The story needs to move a long a little more each episode and we need good side stories. Where's my Josh, Toby and Donna? 

3. Appoint Ben Kingsley to be the vice president!

4. No wait. Appoint Jason Patric to be vice president!

5. Whatever you do, Mr. President, don’t invite Corey Feldman to play the East Room.

I’ll give Designated Survivor its due for now. It’s what we ‘80s bloggers do when one of our idols gets a righteous gig. 


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