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This signed copy of 'Ready Player One' will cost you ... how much?!?



Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a novel to be ADORED by '80s fans. I've probably read it five times now and can't wait for the movie version, which is coming March 30, 2018. So imagine the glee to find a rare, signed version of the book on eBay.


Now ... if I only had $2,000. (I almost want to read that like Dr. Evil - two THOUSAND dollars.)

Granted, it is a "Subterranean Press Signed Limited Lettered Edition." And only 26 copies of this edition were produced. (This is letter "R.") But for two grand, I think the buyer deserves to have it read in person by Ernie while eating 10 lobster tails and quaffing a goblet of Suntory whisky. Or at least throw in a standing arcade machine of Joust. 

Maybe we'll just wait for the signed version of Cline's Armada, surely worth nowhere close to that crazy sum. 

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