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Three bad hits of Molly: The bottom 3 films of Molly Ringwald in the '80s



Hand to god, I'd never heard of the drug Molly until it hit the headlines after tragic deaths this weekend. I live a very sheltered '80s existence. When I think Molly, I think Molly Ringwald. And as much as Ms. Ringwald was one of the faces of the '80s (Martha Quinn, John Cusack, I'm looking at you too), she had a few cinematic tragedies as well.

I know I rarely celebrate the worst of the '80s here, but I still have vivid memories of seeing (and paying full price) for at least one of these wrecks. "Love you to death, Molly, so please just have a sense of humor about today's list."


3. P.K. AND THE KID (1987): Anyone remember this? Watch the trailer. Total blank. According to, the plot is this: "P.K. runs away from home because her step-father keeps on harassing her sexually and her mother is ignoring the problem. She hides in the loading space of Kid Kane's pickup, who's on the way to the world championships in arm-pressing." Co-stars Paul Le Mat and Alex Rocco. And John Madden and John Matuszak make cameos. Can't BELIEVE we missed this one. :\

2. THE PICK-UP ARTIST (1987): Co-starring Robert Downey Jr., I so badly wanted to like this movie (trailer here), in which Downey (as the womanizer) falls for a woman (Molly) who has to repay a big debt to the mob. Hell, it even has Dennis Hopper, Danny Aiello and Harvey Keitel in the cast. But in the end, it's unwatchable. And it was either this or 1988's For Keeps in the No. 2 spot, because the top spot HAS to go to ...

1. FRESH HORSES (1988): Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy together again? And Ben Stiller and Viggo Mortensen in the cast? Nothing can go wrong! (Watch the trailer.) Don't blame Molly too much. Reviewers skewered McCarthy in this flick. The Washington Post called this movie a story "about a man whose life plans are disrupted by a sexual obsession. And using McCarthy in the role is a curious piece of casting because he seems to lack the one essential for the role -- a sexual presence. (It might help, too, if he had more than two facial expressions.)"

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