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Today marks 30th anniversary of detention day in 'The Breakfast Club'



Thirty years ago today, one Saturday afternoon in detention changed the lives of an entire generation. Thank you, John Hughes.

Here are five other things you've either forgotten or didn't know about 1985's The Breakfast Club.

1. The stories that each kid shares about how they landed in detention? Totally ad-libbed at the request of director John Hughes. Even Anthony Michael Hall's reason for having a fake ID -- "So I can vote" -- was ad-libbed.

2. Unlike most movies, The Breakfast Club was shot entirely in sequence.

3. The "dandruff" falling from Ally Sheedy's hair is actually parmesan cheese.

4. The film's title comes from the nickname for detention given by students at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois. One of Hughes' friends had a song who went there. Other proposed titles were "The Lunch Bunch" and "Library Revolution."

5. John Cusack auditioned repeatedly for the role of Bender and, depending on which report you read, was tentatively cast for the part, only to be dropped later. Cusack reportedly held a long-time grudge against Hughes for years to come.


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