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Tom Cruise's infamous underwear scene in 'Risky Business' turns 30 this week



"So your parents are outta town. Got the whole place to yourself?..." Man, I miss movies like Risky Business. The perfect combination of a teen sex comedy, coming-of-age flick and a quotable masterpiece. It's like Lawrence of Arabia, if Lawrence was a horny high school senior in surburban Chicago. And can you believe it turns 30 years old this week?

Yahoo Movies did a nice piece explaining the genesis of Tom Cruise's famous underwear dance scene as Bob Seger blasts on the home stereo. And don't you dare try telling me you haven't replicated it yourself at one time or another.

"It was pretty much what you saw — it was in my head," film director/writer Paul Brickman told Yahoo. "Obviously I didn't know it would have the shelf life it seemed to have have," he says. "You never think that."

HOW DID IT READ IN THE SCRIPT: "As rock-'n'-roll blasts through the house, Joel is quite ripped, standing in his Jockey shorts in the middle of the room feeling very free and sexy. He bops and struts around the room in a manic dance to freedom and privacy and general lewdness."

ABOUT THE MUSIC: "I was just looking for something that was a timeless rock-'n'-roll piece that wouldn't be dated," Brickman said.

ON THE SLIDE: Cruise was supposed to be barefoot for his dance, but he kept falling during the slide scene, so he put his socks back on. The socks and a freshly waxed floor became the magic combination. In the end, it took a full day to do the scene, with Cruise sliding past his "mark" over and over again.

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