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Top 5 'Never Found' cover songs of the '80s



I enjoy being able to feature additional songs by previously profiled Never Found artists; because, in the '80s, mainstream pop radio just ignored them so completely despite these artists having plenty of good stuff. In order to re-feature Never Found artists, I've done a Top Five Love Songs list and a couple Live Bonus weeks in the past. What could I do to give a little more love to Never Found artists I've covered before?

Then it hit me! Cover songs! Yes, that'll work.

So, here are my top five Never Found cover songs:

5. Peter Murphy - The Light Pours Out Of Me
This song is a Never Found song through and through. Because the original was produced by Never Found artist: Magazine. And Never Found artist Pete Shelley of Buzzcocks (also a Never Found artist) shares a writing credit. Never Founds everywhere! You'd think they would have been found.

4. The Fall - Victoria
This arty punk band from the UK produced some pretty unusual music over their long career, but this cover of a Kinks song is pretty straight up pop. It was still too weird to crack the American Top 40 though.

3. Au Pairs - Repetition
From one of my favorite Never Found artists comes this cover of a David Bowie tune. I like this version more than the original, because I think the female vocal is more poignant when focusing on spousal abuse.

2. Love Tractor - Party Train
An excellent guitar-driven version of the Gap Band's funky dance classic.

1. Husker Du - Eight Miles High
Stripping away the 12-string jangly, psychedelic trippy-ness of The Byrds' original and infusing it with buzzing punk angst, the hardcore punk band out of St. Paul, MN, made this rock classic their own. It became a fan favorite whenever they played live.

- Jim ‘Dr. Dim' Fitzsimons


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