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Totally classic song (and totally dud of a video) by the underrated .38 Special



.38 Special is never mentioned along with bands like Journey and Styx as one of the great bands of the ‘80s, but their output was just as consistently good as any other hit-making group of the decade. While you can always hear Caught Up in You and many other .38 Special songs on the radio, they never play You Keep Runnin' Away. While that is inexcusable, thank goodness the video for the song stays lost.

Featured on the Special Forces album, You Keep Runnin' Away reached No. 38 on the singles chart in 1982 and was the follow-up single to Caught Up in You. The song was also co-written by Jim Peterik, keyboardist for Survivor.

The video starts out titillating enough with a young lady getting dressed while listening to .38 Special on the radio; unfortunately that is the highlight of the video as it takes until the 1:15 minute mark to reach the start of the song. When the non-action moves to a bar we get to see extended footage of the southern hottie and a depressed man sitting at the bar drinking, followed by more sitting. The video's anticlimactic finish ends with our non-communicative alcoholic couple escaping away on the city or Greyhound bus, which is very believable as most city planners map out bus routes based on nearest location to bars. At least we get to learn that .38 Special (playing the bar band) has two (count them) drummers!   

38 Special still performs although guitarist Donnie Van Zant finally had to retire due to health issues.



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