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Trailer time: 1986's 'One Crazy Summer'



On a scale of one to 10, how crazy was your summer? Crazier than the trailer to the actual One Crazy Summer? Not all '80s "classics" (if we can label this movie as such) have memorable trailers, but at least this one gets off to a good start.

We all pretty much remember One Crazy Summer as the movie that John Cusack didn't want to do - as soon as he saw the final print of Better Off Dead. He and director Savage Steve Holland have been on the outs every since. (A sequel is in the works, if you haven't heard.)

Truth be told, there are better John Cusack movies. Lots of them. And truth also be told, One Crazy Summer is probably my least favorite of Holland's work in the '80s. (I still prefer the little mentioned How I Got Into College over this.) But if there's a reoccuring word that I've beean repeating all year so far, it's "crazy," so why not enjoy this slice of cinematic history.

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