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Tron's original trailer made more sense than the movie

How is it that 35 years after the release of the original Tron movie, the Hollywood trailer makes more sense than the film's actual plot? Oh, I'm probably over-exaggerating things. After all, I was - what? - 14 years old when Tron was released on July 9, 1982.

We all remember being dazzled by the special effects, and if we didn't understand the plot, well, that was okay. Pretty soon we'd all be trapped on the grid. 

Here are five things you probably didn't know about Tron to mark its 35th anniversary:

1. Tron was disqualified from receiving an Academy Award nomination for special effects, because the Academy felt at the time that using computers was "cheating." (Somewhere a tear falls down the cheek of a young James Cameron.)

2. Everyone remembers the arcade games that were released to support the film. Well, the revenue generated from those outgrossed the movie's box office.

3. Disneyland guests in California can reportedly play "Space Paranoids" in a Tomorrowland souvenir store in the back near the Space Mountain exit. "FLN" holds all of the high scores.

4. TRON is also a debugging command in the BASIC programming language, meaning "TRace ON." However, movie producers swear they didn't know this when naming the movie and just picked the name from inside the word "electronic."

5. Due to the disappointing box office returns - by Tron and 1979's The Black Hole - Disney didn't make another live action film for 10 years.


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