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Village People anthem 'YMCA' isn't about being gay, says lead singer



Young man! It appears the Village People anthem YMCA isn't about gays. So says the onetime lead singer of the Village People, so Gawker's story appears to be well founded.

This is all coming to light because it's been suggested that the song by played at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, where being gay is a crime. (Weren't the movies Red Dawn and White Nights enough revengs?)

You know, the Russians aren't stupid, and their alphabet is different from ours, so god only knows what they'll do with their arms during the song's chorus. In any case, singer Victor Willis, who fronted the band in their early/successful days, says the message is broader.

"If they want to use the song that way, go right ahead, but I think it's silly because the lyrics were written by me as an expression of urban youths having fun at the YMCA," Willis said. "The words were crafted by me to be taken any number of ways but not specific to gays. It's much broader than that. The song is universal. I don't mind that gays think the song is about them but I won't perform the song in support of any protest."

At this point, I am legally required to proclaim (again) how my mom made me watch the Village People movie Can't Stop the Music -- starring the actual band and Steve Guttenberg -- twice in theaters in 1980 AND later bought the video on VHS for $80. She always denies it, but I know where the truth lies. And so does Victor Willis.

Now, what about In The Navy?

[Last modified: Friday, January 3, 2014 8:52am]


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