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Violent Femmes interview: Why Gordon Gano isn't nostalgic for the '80s



The Violent Femmes are back together and all is right in the '80s music world. Well, sort of. The Wisconsin-born band that gave us so many frat party standards in the '80s has put differences aside -- some members weren't happy that Blister in the Sun became the music behind a Wendy's commercial -- and reunited for a handful of gigs. The Village Voice caught up with lead singer Gordon Gano recently. Here are three great quotes from their interview.

WAS IT HARD TO RECONCILE? "Mmm...yes and no. I think that everybody has succeeded in letting it be in the past to a very good degree, otherwise it wouldn't have been possible at all. So I think everyone did a good job with that. With that being said, it was still very difficult. And then every other show after has also been very, very difficult."

THEIR NOSTALGIA FOR THE '80s: "I don't think I'm nostalgic at all. Some people tell me that they think back to times when they were in their teens and involved in a certain scene and that was the best time in their life. I don't feel like that about any time of my life. Hopefully it's now. Hopefully it starts tomorrow."

THE LYRICS TO BLISTER IN THE SUN: "I don't think there's a whole lot to understand with the lyrics. In fact, it was maybe 10 or 15 years later, when somebody was asking me about that song and said something like, 'Well, you know... You know what that song's about.' I'm like, 'No. What are you talking about?' 'Well everybody knows. You wrote it.' I'm like, 'What?' And they told me the song was about masturbation. I had never thought of that."

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