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Was Michael Penn's 'No Myth' the last great single of the '80s?



At the end of 1989, Michael Penn released his album March and the single No Myth. While the single did not start ascending up the charts until January of 1990, it still was born in the ‘80s, thus begging the question, "Was No Myth the last great single of the ‘80s?"

Filled with great lines like “What if I was Romeo in black jeans and what if I was Heathcliffe, it’s no myth” (to clarify, Penn is talking about Heathcliffe from the novel Wuthering Heights, not the cartoon cat), No Myth peaked at No. 13 on the charts.

Stepping outside of the shadows of his acting brothers Sean and Chris, Michael Penn dispelled any questions about his musical prowess by carving out a full musical career including scoring movies like 1995’s Boogie Nights, in which he plays a small part as the engineer who records Dirk Diggler singing You Got The Touch.

In 1997, Penn married Til Tuesday’s Aimee Mann and continues to let his voice carry.

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