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Was 'The Sure Thing' the star-making movie for John Cusack?



Just curious: Do you think it was The Sure Thing that sent John Cusack on his journey to stardom? The 1985 movie wasn't Cusack's first big-screen appearance, but it was his first starring role. But do many people remember it as his "big break" today?

I'm betting you'd say it was Better Off Dead or Say Anything that really did it for him. In any case, share your thoughts on the movie and its place in his career. On Sunday, we'll record our official The Sure Thing podcast, and we'll share your comments.

By the way, the whole "shotgunning a beer" scene from The Sure Thing? That wasn't in the script. It was a "skill" that Cusack (underaged at the time) already knew, and when he told the director about it, it was worked into the storyline. Priceless. Let us know if you learned to shotgun a beer from this movie. (I did.)

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