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We still La, La, La, Love the 'Valley Girl' soundtrack and Pat Travers



Another day in Stuck in the ‘80s means another day with the Valley Girl soundtrack.

In the latest podcast, Steve and Brad waxed on about what bands they wished to see live on the 1983 Valley Girl soundtrack, however one artist that they snubbed was Pat Travers and the song I La, La, La Love You.

While this 1982 song may remind you of Nic Cage cruising down the Sunset Strip, Pat’s video may remind you of why restraining orders are needed. While a fine rocking song, the video portrays a typical morning in the Travers’ abode with the beautiful girlfriend, odd morning calisthenics and some basic lack of respect for one’s personal space while getting ready for work. While things look bleak for Pat, once again, a guitar solo saves the day and all is worked out in the 3:30 world of music videos.

Travers is best known for his classic rock classics Boom, Boom (Out Go the Lights) and Snorting Whiskey and continues to perform.

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