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What are the best apocalyptic movies of the '80s?

Escape from New York



Is there any guilty pleasure better than a good ole apocalyptic movie? Maybe in current political times, they seem more like upcoming news documentaries, but in the '80s this genre was a pure popcorn-at-a-Saturday-matinee pleasure.

So here at Stuck in the '80s we're trying to compile the ultimate list of great apocalyptic movies ... before it's too late. Send your nominations to or leave some feedback on our Facebook page

Here are some possibilities to get your brain warmed up:

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (1981): In 1997, the island of Manhattan was supposed to be a prison from which inmates never are paroled. Did you know a very young James Cameron was on the film crew

THE ROAD WARRIOR (1981): Also known as Mad Max 2. Ironic that Australians are now looking at the U.S. and wondering just how soon we'll devolve into the scenario that was originally set in their country.

THE TERMINATOR (1984): Come with Stuck in the '80s if you want to live!

NIGHT OF THE COMET (1984): More campy than most, Night of the Comet was like "Valley Girl meets World War Z."

Send us your nominations!

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