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Who could have guessed a Star Trek character was the 'heart and soul' of the '80s?



It's an interesting study of which '80s hits disappear and which make into the daily rotations of '80s-based music stations. One song that gets played every day is T'Pau's Heart and Soul, however can you lay claim to ever hearing any of T'Pau's other singles like China In Your Hand?

T'Pau is an English band named after a Vulcan princess (rumored to be Spock's grandmother) from an episode of the original Star Trek TV series. In 1987, Heart and Soul was a Top 5 hit and I hear the song just as often in 2016 as I did twenty-nine years ago due to radio's fascination with one-hit wonders - or is T'Pau a one-hit wonder? Maybe in America, but not in Europe. Led by singer Carol Decker, T'Pau's follow up single to Heart and Soul was China In Your Hand and in most countries, this is T'Pau's biggest hit, a No. 1 smash in countries all over Europe including the U.K. In the U.S., China In Your Hand failed to chart.

The song China In Your Hand has nothing to do with the country China, in fact it's actually a song about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The phrase "china in your hand" was concocted when Decker noticed that if you held a cup made of fine china to the light, it is transparent and your guess is as good as mine as how that ties in with the Frankenstein lyrics or the video for China In Your Hand. Proving lyrics sometimes have minimal effect on the success of the song, China In Your Hand was voted the 11th favorite '80s song of England in a poll last year.   

It's busy times for Decker these days as this week she started a tour to promote the new album release Pleasure and Pain under the T'Pau name.

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