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Who knew Loverboy had a song about loving weekends?



On Lost and Found we cover the forgotten hits of the '80s so today we dust off one you haven't heard since the '80s - it's Loverboy's Working For The Weekend! (awkward pause) Yes, it's a lame April Fool's joke, but we do have a true lost weekend song and since we are really are working for weekend, let's get the celebration started with another One Hit Wonder - The Vapors and Waiting For The Weekend.

Among the minor hits of the '80s that have grown in stature, one of the biggest ones is Turning Japanese by The Vapors. With its bouncy new wave riffs and naughty secret meaning, Turning Japanese barely was a Top 40 hit (No. 36) in the U.S. in 1980 but a bigger success abroad hitting number one in Canada and Australia. Another single off The Vapors debut album was Waiting For The Weekend.

Waiting For The Weekend didn't chart anywhere but from the files of former SIT80's producer Dave "The Maestro" Morrison, a video has been preserved featuring the English lads The Vapors as mechanics by day and rockers at night - and rock they do, as Waiting For The Weekend has same energy and hooks as Turning Japanese.

The Vapors lasted one more album before record companies woes caused their demise. Lead singer David Fenton eventually became a lawyer specializing in protecting musicians and their rights.

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