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Wild Horses can't drag us away from this forgotten hit from 1980



In the slew of musician deaths earlier this year, the obvious focus went to legendary names like Bowie, Lemmy and Frey. Lost in the shuffle was the death of Jimmy Bain, bassist for Rainbow and Dio, so today we pay tribute to Bain with his unheralded time with the short-lived band Wild Horses and Face Down.

Often associated with Ronnie James Dio, Bain help form Wild Horses in the late '70s and in 1980 they released their self-titled debut album. The lead single, Face Down, did not chart and on Youtube there only exists video evidence from a grainy taped performance from a U.K. music show Alright Now. If the sound in the video is lacking, I highly encourage you to check out their debut album on Spotify that I discovered with the help of SIT80's Nation member Don Leach (aka Don In Tulsa). In the video for Face Down, you see a wide variety of reactions among the crowd ranging from dancing to headbanging and that pretty much describes the Wild Horses, a hybrid of hard rock, funk and classic riffs that if it sounds a little bit like Thin Lizzy, it is because guitarist Brian Robertson was a former member of Lizzy. In the ending of the Face Down video, it is not coincidental that the segue way is thrown to Bain's good friend Phil Lynott, lead singer of Thin Lizzy.

Another contribution that Bain made to the '80s is that he co-wrote heavy metal's answer to We Are The World with We Are Stars for the all-star band Hear-N-Aid. Bain died in his cabin on January 23rd while attending the Def Leppard Hysteria On The High Seas Cruise as he was scheduled to play on board with his latest band Last In Line. While Bain attended the cruise thinking he was only suffering from pneumonia, his autopsy revealed he had died of undiagnosed lung cancer.

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