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Worst high school cafeteria food ... or greatest: the baloney boat



Dieticians are railing against the consumption of processed meat these days. I'm not sure they could wrap their minds around the simple pleasures of the baloney boat. This culinary creation was a staple in junior high and high school cafeterias (at least in the South) during the '80s.

Granted, the baloney boats pictured here look to be the work of Wolfgang Puck. In reality, a baloney boat was built with a flat circle of cheap baloney. Onto that, the chef would place an ice-cream scoop size serving of whipped potatoes. And on the top, a simple slice of American cheese. When placed under a broiler, the ends of the baloney curl up as the cheese melts, forming the familiar boat shape. Best served with a half pint of ice cold milk.

So I ask you: Baloney boats ... a simple '80s guilty pleasure? Or snack food of the devil?

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