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XTC gave a protest song you could whistle to

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Protesting as a form of disapproval is still alive and well these days as every news day greats us with headlines about organized protests. Back in the '80s, marching in the streets was not our choice method of protest. For us, it was the message in our songs that inspired change. In the '80s we preached against military fanaticism, nuclear war and gave pleas for peace so with a short Thanksgiving week lets count our blesses and highlight a few forgotten '80s videos about war and peace starting with XTC and Generals and Majors.

XTC is a band that has been championed several times on the SIT80's blog and podcasts with the support of Never Found cohort and occasional podcast guest Jim "Dr. Dim" Fitzsimons. In 1980, XTC issued their fourth album Black Sea that featured the World War III satire single Generals and Majors, a rare non-Andy Partridge song that came from the mind of bass player Colin Moulding.

The video for Generals and Majors is heavy on fun and satire with XTC on duty as the servant staff for the military leaders who "seem so unhappy unless they got a war." One of the military brass which you should recognize is the familiar face of XTC's boss - Richard Branson, billionaire and head honcho of Virgin Records. Other highlights of Generals and Majors include a dignified XTC acting like kids in a bounce house and the catchy chorus that makes Generals and Majors one the best whistling songs of the '80s.

Partridge and Moulding were the only two members of XTC that stayed together for the entire 34-year history of the band that ran from 1972 to 2006.

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