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All Eyes - Reporting with a camera

Go behind the scenes with Santa at the Straz Center's Annual Holiday Concert



Event coverage is part of the daily grind as a newspaper photographer. Even as an intern, it can become easy to grow jaded, and resign to showing up, getting the expected shots, and leaving. Some assignments give you no other options. Often though, a seemingly formulaic assignment can provide opportunities to make unexpected pictures.  

The photographers I admire most are masters at creating unexpected pictures on very regular assignments. I try my best to do this as well. Sure, shoot those expected pictures, just to be safe, but relegate them to backup options.  

There are three easy things I find make a world of difference in finding unexpected scenes and moments during standard daily event coverage. They are: showing up early, staying late, and gaining access to the places that PR people don’t think you’d want to see, or just don’t want you to see at all. In the example of a performance, the interesting shots usually come from before, after or away from the performance that you’re actually sent to cover.  

The attached images from a recent assignment are far from spectacular, but do a decent job of illustrating how I go about covering something like an annual performance covered every year. Shots 5 - 8 are all my safety shots, making sure I’ve got the “event coverage” covered, but the first four shots are where I was able to have a little fun and do something different than what’s been shot in years past. 

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