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Times Photographer favorites: Jim Damaske shares his top 7 photos from 2015



My gosh has it been another year already? Well that means it’s time to pick a favorite photo of the year. Ummm...

Most years I have a picture that jumps out at me as the picture I like more then any of the others I made during the year, but not this year. I’m happy with my body of work but nothing clobbered me like a busted bat flying into the photo pit. Speaking of broken bats; (see photo 1) I like this shot of a Yankees infielder having to decide what to catch. It fits my mindset of trying to find the different things at sporting events like the shot (photo 2) of Cabrera trying to scoop and flip a grounder to second but flipping his glove instead. So I guess I'm dancing around (photo 3) the selection process, as if caught in a rundown and not knowing which base to run to, though I’ve had a fairly productive year shooting sports which I can embrace (photo 4).

One of my favorites this year was taken on a trip to Three Rooker Bar for a nesting birds story. I found a laughing gull fixing up it’s nest (photo 5). Normally you think of a laughing gull as those annoying pesky aerial garbage collectors trying to finish your picnic lunch before you do. So seeing this one build it’s nest made me feel the bird is more then a garbage collector and should be as cherished as all the others. Then there was the oyster catcher family (photo 6) and well, baby oyster catchers, what can I say. So it’s time to knock off for the day (photo 7). Pack up the camera bag and head home. Maybe I’ll get my favorite tomorrow. 

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