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Video: Capturing a super blood moon total eclipse

(September 27, 2015) A rare super blood moon begins to come out of full eclipse about 11:15 p.m. in this nine minute time lapse video filmed in Floral City, FL. The next simultaneous super moon with a lunar eclipse will happen in 2033. [Maurice Rivenbark | Times]



When I looked skyward Sunday night in hopes of filming the Super Blood Moon there was not a star to be seen, the entire horizon was covered with clouds. But after a quick scan of live satellite images on the web, it looked like some small openings might appear around the peak time of the eclipse. With a brand new camera to try out, I got my geek on.

About 11 pm, I first saw the faint glow behind thinning clouds. I filmed a 9 minute time-lapse 4k video that was shot with a 400 mm lens at f 4.0. The exposure was set for 1/4 sec at 3200 iso. The results were squeezed into about a 1 minute video. (Did I mention my geek?) The short film shows the deep reddish colored moon starting to escape the eclipse as the sunlight begins to creep across the lunar surface once again. A chorus of tree frogs provides the soundtrack.

The last super moon total lunar eclipse happened 33 years ago when the sun and earth lined up to shadow the moon during its closet orbit to us. But don't worry, if you missed this one you can see the next one in 2033.



Super Blood Moon seen from Tampa Bay.


Super Blood Moon seen from Tampa Bay.

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