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Democrat pulls out of race against Schenck



Joseph Puglia, the highly-touted Democrat in the state House District 44 race against Republican incumbent Robert Schenck, withdrew from the campaign in a statement issued moments ago. In it he referenced a Times story from earlier this month that noted his inactivity on the campaign trail. Read the jump for the full text.

BROOKSVILLE ( Sept. 1 7 , 2008 ) --After thorough and heartfelt contemplation, I am withdrawing as a candidate for Florida House of Representatives District 44.

        As reported recently in the print media, personal issues have commanded a great deal of my attention. Until recently, those demands on my time mostly involved running my private carting business. But now, that concern has been overshadowed by a family matter. Specifically, my wife Marianne was recently diagnosed with a serious medical condition that has required her to seek specialized care.

        The need for me, as well as our three children, to be emotionally and logistically available for Marianne supersedes every priority in our lives. Because of the effort necessary to provide that care I simply cannot devote enough time to pursuing this elective office while also making a living.

        I knew it would be an uphill battle when I entered the race for state House. I declared my candidacy relatively late and, because of my inexperience in the political process, I was slow in taking the very necessary steps to gain name recognition and get my message to voters in District 44.

        Even so, I still believe very much in my message – to create jobs, enhance education and stop sidestepping the issues of homeowners insurance and meaningful property tax reform. God willing, I will continue to work toward those goals and to make Florida a place where hard-working people can earn a living, and where their families will be healthy and safe.

        For now, I wish to thank all the residents who have supported my candidacy. Listening to your frustrations, your triumphs and your ideas has been an enlightening and rewarding experience. I ask those supporters to keep a caring thought for our family during this trying time.

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