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Is Deveron Gibbons polling?



UPDATE: Sounds like the poll is likely for the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership.

Don't know who's behind it, but I just got a poll call on the St. Pete mayor's race from someone who said they were with Virginia-based TelOpinion Research. My first thought was it must be Scott Wagman's poll, since he has the most money to spend. But the firm is a Republican firm, so that would make the other moneyed candidate, Republican activist Deveron Gibbons the likeliest candidate. Harder to see Bill Foster funding a poll.

Fairly predictable questions, here paraphrased: Which of the major candidates (Gibbons, Wagman, Foster, Ford, Williams, Bennett) do you receognize and do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion; Who would you vote for (all candidates listed) and who's second choice; How important is it to keep Rays in St Pete and why and how many games do you go to?: What's most important in attracting businesses downtown-dealing with homeless, improving education, improving public safety; revitalizing Baywalk, revitalizing The Pier; Do you support the new Baywalk plan? Are you satisfied with the education system in St Pete?

Adam Smith, Times Political Editor

[Last modified: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 12:03pm]


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