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Mudslingers and campaign zingers hit Pasco



Schradermailing008_3 Three weeks before Election Day, Sheriff Bob White is handing out 1,000 free USB thumb drives to parents to store info on their kids' -- complete with a handy video of White.

His Republican primary competitor, Bob Sullivan, questioned it in today's Times story. But Sullivan was busy too -- charging that White is artificially inflating the clearance rate and lowering Pasco's crime rate during an election year.

And lest he fall anymore victim to false attacks on his campaign, County Commissioner Ted Schrader fired off a campaign mailings saying, "BEWARE the mudslingers have come to Pasco County!"

In a mailing that hit Tuesday, Schrader blasts a few claims by challenger John Nicolette -- without naming him -- that have been proven off base. But Schrader also takes some liberty with Nicolette's charge that Schrader "raised gas taxes by $2 million!"

After sending a mailer with the charger, Nicolette corrected it in a later mailing to say Schrader tried to raise the tax.

Schrader's response: "Ted was actually the only commissioner who voted AGAINST raising the gas tax a penny a gallon."

Which is technically true, but omits the fact Schrader indeed wanted to raise the tax two pennies a gallon -- increasing tax revenue by $2-million. He voted for it, but couldn't get enough votes to pass it.

-- David DeCamp/Times Staff writer

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