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Property Tax Foe Moves on



ST. PETERSBURG-- David McKalip, the neurological surgeon turned tax opponent who rallied City Hall for smaller government and less taxes, is disbanding his Cut Taxes Now group.

McKalip has led the effort against tax increases in St. Petersburg since 2006. Local movements like his led to a statewide reform on property taxes.

McKalip, who will continue his fight for lower taxes as a board member of the Florida Taxpayers Union,  offered some final thoughts on local taxes Friday in an e-mail to supporters and the press. Click below to read.

-Cristina Silva, Times Staff Writer

"1. The special interests know how to work the system and need a counterweight. Don’t let them win by giving up. The fight must continue every year. Fighting for less government and lower taxes is a marathon

2.   Individuals can make a difference and win. Keep showing up at city council, county commission and school board meetings and keep the heat up. Join and give money to grassroots groups that will fight for your right to limited government, low taxes and freedom.

3. Most Politicians don’t lead –they follow. Sadly, most politicians only address "a crisis". They are mostly afraid to offend the special interest that got them in office. This can be used to our advantage by building large coalitions (tens of thousands) and communicating directly to them and running ads against them. There are a few rare and wonderful exceptions of elected officials actually trying to downsize government and taxes."

[Last modified: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 11:33am]


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