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Samm Simpson responds to Times endorsement



In the Democratic primary for congressional District 10, the St. Petersburg Times endorsed Bob Hackworth, the mayor of Dunedin. In response to the editorial, Samm Simpson wrote this:

In my 2006 Congressional race,  the St. Petersburg Times said I had a “reasonable grasp of the issues.”  In 2008,  I’m labeled a  “sound bite.”  Is this an accurate description?  Or an attempt to squelch the truth and maintain the status quo?

It’s not easy to squeeze 4 years of speeches, events and the 250 blogs I’ve written into “sound bites,” but I’ll try.

Torture.  War Crimes.  Orwellian Surveillance.  Defying Subpoenas.
Loss of Habeas Corpus.  Broken Justice.  Signing Statements.  Secrecy. Constitutional Crisis.  Nuclear Weapons in Space.  Trillions Missing at Pentagon.  Full Spectrum Dominance.  Oil, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Defense and Banking Industries Control of Congress.  Usury.  CIA Black Ops. Veterans’ Suicide/Catastrophic Injuries and Deaths.  Promises Betrayed.  Devastated Military Families. Childhood Obesity/Autism.  Corporate Prison Complex.  High School Drop Outs.  Increasing Unemployment.  Potential U.S. Bankruptcy.  $55 Trillion Debt.  Millions of Foreclosures.  Seniors Suffering.  A Million Dead Iraqis while Millions of Americans watch American Idol.

A Congressperson is  a voice for the people and a defender of the Constitution.  We need revolutionary change in energy, health care, trade, taxation and foreign policy.  We don’t need politicians, we need Patriots who ask tough questions,  reason intellectually and demonstrate compassion.  That’s me, Samm (Denise) Simpson. 

[Last modified: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 11:33am]


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