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Simpson's response to Times editorial



Samm Simpson, a Democrat running for the Congressional District 10 seat now held by C.W. Bill Young, released this response to a Times editorial that called hers and her fellow Democratic opponent Max Linn's campaigning at Raytheon meetings "Politics at its worst."

“We should concentrate on working together to help families victimized by government greed and corporate malfeasance, not on accusations made against our campaign, “ remarked Ms. Samm Simpson, Democratic candidate for Congress in Florida’s 10th district, in response to a St. Petersburg Times Sunday editorial entitled Politics at its Worst.

The editorial claims that the Simpson campaign staff was involved in self promoting activities at the expense of hurting families. It quotes portions of a letter that State Representative Rick Kriseman sent to Simpson last week.

Rep. Kriseman also sent the letter to the St. Petersburg Times before Simpson had a chance to respond to its inaccuracies and sharp accusations.

Simpson asks, “Representative Kriseman didn’t call to check his facts, and didn’t email me with his concerns. Was his motive to share constructive criticism and protect constituents or to defame and debase my character and campaign? Or is this how he promotes his evident candidate of choice, Bob Hackworth?“

Ms. Simpson, who is running a grass roots campaign as a “voice for the people” agreed that sign waving at a May 30th Raytheon meeting was inappropriate and it was stopped. Simpson also felt uncomfortable with her campaign coordinator asking about Congressman Young’s involvement. She remarked, “As I responded in my letter to Rep. Kriseman, “If an apology is in order, I am happy to comply.”

Overall, the experience has been an eye opener for Simpson, who was virtually ignored in her 2006 run. “Being attacked twice – first in a letter and now in an editorial – must mean our campaign is making waves and that’s good news. “

As for the sincerity of the campaign, Simpson said, “There are thousands of District 10 residents who know I would lay my life down to protect and defend the Constitution and that I am an advocate for accountability, justice and the truth. My hope is that Representative Kriseman and the St. Petersburg Times will concentrate on the serious issues that face us, rather than engage in attacks and distractions. “

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