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A snapshot of the Democratic organizing plight in Pinellas



Here's one more sign of the organizing advantage by Pinellas Republicans over county Democrats. This memo from the Pinellas County elections office list the pollwatchers for the county on election day. Assuming the counts are comprehensive, here's the score:

Democrats -- 12 pollwatchers.

Republicans -- 115 pollwatchers.

Memo is below

DATE: OCTOBER 26, 2010
NOVEMBER 2, 2010
Each political party, candidate, or political committee desiring poll watchers shall submit written
authorization giving precinct assignment of poll watchers PRIOR TO NOON OF THE SECOND
TUESDAY preceding the election. See schedule below:
Election Day – November 2, 2010
Poll Watcher Forms Received – Prior to Noon October 19, 2010
Attached is the list of citizens who have been designated as poll watchers for the
November 2, 2010 General Election and have been deemed eligible by the Pinellas County
Supervisor of Elections office.
NOTE: The list of poll watchers is broken up by party, candidate, or political committee.
ONLY ONE poll watcher from a particular party, candidate, or political committee may serve as a
poll watcher at a given time in each precinct.
Those polling place locations that have precincts that are combined are still considered two separate
precincts. Therefore, they may have one poll watchers from a particular party, candidate, or political
committee at a given time for each precinct.
Poll watchers shall produce identification upon entering the precinct. If a citizen claims to be a poll
watcher and his/her name is not on the approved poll watcher list, he/she MUST leave the polling
A poll watcher must be a registered voter in Pinellas County.
No candidate, sheriff, deputy sheriff, policeman, or other law enforcement officer may be designated
as a poll watcher.
DATE: October 21, 2010
TO: All Election Day Precincts
FROM: Deborah Clark, Supervisor of Elections
RE: November 2, 2010 General Election – Election Day Poll Watchers List
The following are verified Pinellas County voters who have been designated as Poll Watchers at all
precincts by a candidate, political party or political committee for the November 2, 2010 General
Election. Note: – Only one poll watcher from a particular party, candidate, or political
committee may serve as a poll watcher at a given time in each precinct. (F.S. 101.131)
Election Day:
Tuesday, November 2, 2010, Polls are open 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

November 2, 2010 General Election – Election Day Poll Watchers List
Kathy Castor, Candidate for Congress, District 11
Gaskin-Capehart, Andrea Nikita

Florida Democratic Party
Bolton, John
Cary, Steven
Friedland, Joanne
Hersem, Amanda
Knight, Amber
Lobue, Vincent
McNamara, Joanne
Nadeau, Michelle
Star, B.J.
Steffens, Ann
Tankel, Robert

Jeff Brandes, Candidate for State Representative, District 52
Eddins, Beverly B.
Esposito, Robert M.
Hammond, Rebekah L.
Hansen, Nicholas M.
Holden, William G.
Montanari, John E.
Petersen, James K.
Riley, Jr., George W.
Schmidt, Donald J.
Stonecipher, Nathan
Wells III, Francis M.
Wickersheim, Michael E.
Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee
Auld, Kerry
Backer, William
Baker, Marjorie
Battaglia, Brian
Benefiel, James
Berg, Hope
Brown, Melody
Burgess III, William
Childress, Carolyn
Condon, Jeanne
Cox, Richard
Dobies, Stephanie
Foote, Susan
Frazier, Gregory
Gee, Lynn
Guju, Michael
Hecht, Gideon
Hutton, Sandra
Imes, Vickey
Jacobson, Charles
Kantaskas, John
Keese, Jim
Kerr, Christophir
Kovich, Julie
Kreuter, Jacqueline
Kurin, Debra
Logue, Mark
Madrazo, Rogelio
McCarthy, Mary
Morey, Joann
Pav, Glenn
Payne, Jacquelyn
Pilon, Nina
Privett, Adam
Pruitt, James
Quarles, Patrick
Ryan, Frances
Scharn, Eric
Schuette, Michael
Smith, Eva
Stone, Peggy
Swank-Borges, Ericka
Tragos, George
Trask, Dennis
Trask, Gail
Whitt, Amanda
Zornes, Mark

November 2, 2010 General Election – Election Day Poll Watchers List
Marco Rubio, Candidate for U.S. Senate
Ball, Robert
Barry, Nicholas
Blackmer, Eileen
Brown, Regina
Chiaramonte, Victoria
Childress, James
Clark, Michael
Colucci, Anthony L.
Cummings, K.
Cummings, Robert
Curcio, Peter John
Decubellis, Samuel
Debello, Thomas
DeMots, John M.
Denmark, Betty
Doehleman, Thomas
Emmons, Albert
Everett, Elizabeth
Gower, William
Goertzen, Kevin
Gower, William
Guthrie, Jan
Haddon, Kathleen
Hampton, Wendy
Henderson, Quinn
Higdon, Michael
Hoskins, Richard
Howsare, Brian
Jagger, Melissa
Jarosz, Thomas
Joseph, John
Kennedy, Todd
Kerr, Matthew A.
Kincaid, Mickey
Kneefel, Alexander
Kooiker, Samantha
Lawrence, Robert
Lee, Kimberly
Littlewood, Maureen
Littlewood, Robert
Mayo, Robin
McGhay, Stephanie
Mistretta, Nicole
Montgomery, Shannon
Morey, Charles
O’Keefe, James
Pillsbury, Jacob
Raley, Debbie
Rohlfs, William
Rollman, David
Samouce, Stephen
Smith, Donald
Suplizio, Ronald
Wauford, Raymond
Weber, Joseph
Whidden, Sarah

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