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Troxler: Enough with the dinosaur jabs



Howard Troxler: ...And yet, the "science" theme also is a poke at Foster, who, in case you are the last to FlintstoneQuarry05 know, is a believer in the literal account of creation as described in Genesis, and wrote a now-famous letter to the School Board decrying Darwinism. So Ford has been getting in the dinosaur jibes.

"I have a sense of humor," she explained in reply to a question about it. Foster dutifully took umbrage: "I'm not going to apologize for my faith." And so forth.

She is one click away from crossing the line and actually mocking the guy, which would be unwise, and he is one click away from whining about it too much, which is mildly unattractive. I am more curious as to what they propose to do about the number of police officers on the street.

Foster these days is more explicit in branding himself as the "continuity" candidate. One of his campaign brochures urges voters not to "throw away everything at great risk to your family's future," as if a vote for Ford might be equivalent to, say, blowing your life savings.

After Ford called herself a "scientist," Foster sneered: "I thought Mrs. Ford was a nurse. Now she's a scientist." But here he is the one in danger of having it backfire. Don't look patronizing.

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