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Troxler: You can buy a hot dog at night in St. Petersburg now, but be careful where you speak your mind



Good video, lousy fight. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where old guys kept saying to Jerry, "You think you're better than me?" and then they would act tough and strain something.

The Brawl at City Hall started Thursday with a St. Petersburg City Council member's brother telling another guy in the audience to leave town if he didn't like the council's decision. The other guy replied, and I hope I am not being too explicit here, with a rude dining suggestion.

So the council member's brother charged, putting a hold on the back of Guy No. 2's neck that may or may not have been Greco-Roman. But Guy No. 2 seemed to get the upper hand, or at least, the top position when they went to the floor. A few seconds later the whole thing was over, and they were both yelling about their ages and being elderly victims.

Well! I confess a whole new regard now for the St. Petersburg City Council (motto: "My Big Brother Can Beat You Up"). The idea of kinfolk out in the audience, willing to duke it out with opposing citizens, adds an exciting angle to the municipal democracy.

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