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Hey St. Pete, look at what Detroit is doing with earth worms



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Take the August rains that swamped the bay area, leading to massive sewage overflows. St. Petersburg had more than 31 million gallons of wastewater overflow because the rain water leaked into the city's aging sewage pipes.

We've already pointed to one possible miracle cure, a sponge-like concrete called Tarmac Topmix.

Now the Motor City offers another possible solution: earth worms.

The Detroit Free Press reports that forestry workers with the non-profit Greening of Detroit sprinkled 85,000 worms on a vacant lot. Why? The worms "will burrow several feet into the ground, loosening up the soil and thus allowing rainwater and snowmelt to preculate down into the dirt instead of running off into nearby sewers. The idea is to keep precipitation out of the city's overburdened combined sewer overflow system and, in a tiny way, contribute to savings millions of dollars in big-pipe sewer infrastructure that won't need to be built."

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