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Plot twist: Bernie Madoff comparison pops up in Largo Commission race



A Largo Commission candidate sent a campaign email referencing a notorious billionaire fraudster while lambasting his opponent's campaign slogan, the latest development in an already contentious race.

Curtis Holmes, the Seat 3 incumbent, crticized a mailer sent by his opponent, Neil McMullen, calling it “a classic progressive liberal cookie-cutter script aimed at the low information voter" in the Oct. 5 email forwarded to the Tampa Bay Times. He specifically attacked a slogan that referenced the McMullen family’s prominent presence in the county: “A Trusted Name - The Choice for Change.”

“Well, Bernie Madoff had a trusted name plus (I've been told, the relationship with the McMullen family is kinda sketchy) the ‘choice for change?’” the email said. “Obviously borrowed from some ‘hope and change’ campaign but there is no mention in the ad or his website what he wants to change.”

Holmes doubled down on those comments Wednesday, saying McMullen’s plans for the city have already been fulfilled or are in the process of happening at the will of current city leaders. He said the comparison to Madoff was to make a point that touting a “trusted name” holds no weight.

“It was nothing personal at all,” he said. “It’s just it doesn’t mean anything.”

McMullen said he takes pride in his family's name. His grandfather, Donald C. McMullen, drafted legislation to create Pinellas County while he was a Senator. Joel McMullen, another relative, was the first mayor of Largo.

“I am disappointed to find my opponent has so ‘sketchy’ an appreciation of the history of the County and Largo, the city he was elected to serve," he said.

Here's the full text of the email:

Yesterday I received a copy of my opponents handout/'s very revealing.

Most glaring item, it's a classic progressive liberal cookie-cutter script aimed at the low information voter, i.e. "(he) will work to; Grow Largo economy, create jobs, improve citizens' quality of life."  There is no mention how he proposes doing any of this nor is it mentioned on his website.  There is a clever "NEIL" acronym on it, "Now and always for progress" (doing what?), Experience, essential for good representation (his knowledge of local government is EXTREMELY this day he has NEVER addressed the dais during citizens comment or commented on a single legislative item during a regular commission meeting), Integrity, his record proves it (he has no legislative record), Leadership for a better Largo (we don't have that now?)"

Trusted Name:  His slogan is "A trusted name-The choice for change."  Well, Bernie Madoff had a trusted name plus (I've been told, the relationship with theMcMullen family is kinda sketchy) the "choice for change?"  Obviously borrowed from some "hope and change" campaign but there is no mention in the ad or his website what he wants to change.  Thus far I've been very instrumental in getting the PD staff and funding increased, FD ditto (that's how we earned the ISO rating of 1), streets and sidewalk improvements have been approved, drainage and sanitary sewers are a work in what exactly does he want to change?  The Largo ship is sailing quite well, the best it has in a very long time.

Endorsements; ALL of them are progressive liberals but the kicker is the CWA (no surprise)...CWA is a sub organization of, arguably, the most corrupt and FAR left union in the country, the SEIU plus, and this speaks for itself, less than half of the eligible Largo staff who can join the CWA choose not to, conversely PBA & IAFF have a 100% participation, the two unions that endorse the Holmes campaign.

Leadership: (he's a) Member of the Chamber of Commerce (that's leadership?), moving along, the non-religious organization mentioned consists of "advisory boards" that he was appointed to by the very liberal former mayor but I too have been and are a member of numerous advisory boards and without exception they're merely "opinion givers"not leadership.

My concerns:

As mentioned this ad and his website are aimed at the low information voter...the only way to counter this is with information.  Yesterday we mailed 16,000+ pieces and we're printing another 5000 handout flyers.  I need your help distributing the flyers...if you know of a restaurant or business where we can leave a few on the counter let me know and we'll get them there or give 'em to you and you can drop them off.  We need people to give the small flyers to their neighbors, friends and relatives, etc...if they vote in Largo I need their VOTE...absentee ballots will start being delivered today.

I cannot emphasize this enough, this campaign is close and very challenging...of late my opponent is getting flooded with funds, vast majority from out of the area, but that is how you entice the low information voter, make the two chickens in every pot promise..."grow the economy" but no mention how, "create jobs" (government doesn't create jobs) and "improve quality of life"...but no mention how and the #1 topic avoided on this ad AND the website...where's the money coming from?

Questions, comments let me know...please visit the website,

I shall endeavor to persevere 

Curtis A. Holmes

political advertisement paid for and approved by Curtis A. Holmes candidate for Largo commission seat 3

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