Friday, November 16, 2018

CFP roundtable: Which Georgia or Bama player would look good in a Bucs’ uniform?

Our staff writers weigh in on which Alabama or Georgia player they'd like to see playing in Tampa Bay next season for the Bucs:


Joey Knight, @TBTimes_Bulls: Kendrick Lamar was practically warming up for his halftime gig before Georgia called a run play, but that was neither Nick Chubb nor Sony Michel's fault. Considering the Bucs' run deficiencies (27th in the NFL in rushing), I'd take either 1,000-yard rusher (You see that 26-yard Michel dash on third and 20?). Think about it, Tampa Bay could address one of its myriad defensive needs in Round 1, and one of those Dawgs is bound to still be on the board when the Bucs pick again.


Traci Johnson, @TBHomeTeam: I'm a sucker for locals playing for the hometown team. Gimme Georgia OL Isaiah Wynn. And maybe bring along one of your fellow RBs from the SEC, Isaiah, so you don't get bored and the Bucs have some semblance of a run game for a change.


Bob Putnam, @BobbyHomeTeam: This is more than just a homer pick. Georgia's Isaiah Wynn, a former Lakewood standout, makes sense for many reasons, the biggest being his versatility. Injuries depleted the Bucs' offensive line down the stretch, making depth among that unit a priority. Wynn played tackle this season, but he might be better suited as a guard or center. That should make him a hot prospect when the draft rolls around.


Tom Jones, @tomwjones: The Bucs desperately need a pass rusher. And they could use a running back. But the most complete defensive player in the country might be Alabama safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. And while it's not Tampa Bay's most pressing need, it could use a safety. Taking one high in the draft is always a bit risky, but Fitzpatrick looks can't miss.


Mike Sherman, @MikeSherman: I know the Bucs need an edge rusher, but I'm going with the guy Jake Fromm will be seeing in his dreams/nightmares: Alabama junior defensive tackle Da'Ron Payne. That guy playing next to Gerald McCoy? That guy putting opposing centers on roller skates? You can hear the pocket collapsing just thinking about it.


Rodney Page, @RodneyHomeTeam: I understand that receiver is not the most pressing need for the Bucs, but I'm just trying to be a little different here. Why not give Jameis Winston yet another weapon?  And Alabama junior receiver Calvin Ridley is a big-time weapon. He's fast, he's sure-handed and he's the Crimson Tide's go-to big playmaker. He likely won't be there for the Bucs to pick, but if he is why not load up at receiver?