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Brandon Marshall one step closer to a trade



There are multiple reports this afternoon that Broncos star receiver Brandon Marshall has signed his one-year restricted free agent tender, officially making him the property of the Broncos and therefore eligible to be traded. Furthermore, it appears Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant is lined up for a visit with Denver on Wednesday, which would suggest he's under consideration for the Broncos.

So, for all of you Bucs fans out there who haven't talked about anyone else for the last few months, perhaps there soon will be a resolution to Marshall's lingering situation -- or whatever you want to call it.

Still, if you ask me, the chances of the Bucs landing Marshall are somewhere between slim and none. There are two reasons I feel that way.

For one, I truly believe there is a steadfast commitment to building through the draft and a reluctance to deviate from that, no matter how appealing a blockbuster deal might be. Marshall's price is currently a first-round pick, though it's conceivable that could drop slightly. Either way, the Bucs feel like their early picks are potential gold and have made it clear they have no intention of parting with them.

Secondly, the Bucs -- as evidenced by their decision not to pursue Santonio Holmes -- are more focused on character these days, something that those who know general manager Mark Dominik have heard him talk about at length. If you make a deal for Marshall, you've got to be very committed to inking a lucrative, long-term deal with a guy who hasn't shown an ability to get along with his coach. That's what you call a risky move. The fact that the Broncos are willing to trade a guy with the insane level of production as Marshall tells you a lot about him, in my view.

So, Marshall could be traded soon as some reports have suggested is possible. But I wouldn't go making any bets that he winds up in Tampa Bay.


On another note, there's something I want to clarify from earlier today. I mentioned the following  via my Twitter account: "I keep hearing talk around Tampa Bucs will trade down at No. 3 presumably cuz theyre cheap. Let me remind you such deals VERY hard to pull offorking on a story to this effect that runs later this week. Rarely see a trade that high in the draft."

As is often the case in today's world, this was picked up by a couple of other websites and mistakenly portrayed as though I was reporting something. That wasn't my intention at all. Just so we're clear, all I meant was that random people -- readers, radio jocks, etc -- keep suggesting the Bucs might trade down because they'll never pay the kind of money the third overall pick will command. I was merely attempting to bring some realism to the situation by reminding everyone that's a very unlikely scenario, even if the Bucs wanted to trade out (I don't believe they do, by the way).

So, I hope this brief explanation clears up any misunderstanding there may have been. And I'll probably be tweeting a bit more now that I have this neat little Twitter for Blackberry app, which I highly recommend. So, hit me up on Twitter if I don't get back to you in the blog comments as I sometimes do.

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