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Bucs coordinator Greg Olson to shrink size of game plans



Bucs coach Raheem Morris -- who also is the team's defensive coordinator -- said this week he plans to use a smaller menu of options in his game plans the rest of the season in an effort to improve execution.

But he's not the only one using that approach.

The Bucs also are doing this on offense, too. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson said he'll have less volume in this week's offensive gameplan, his hope being that players can play more comfortably because they'll presumably have to do less thinking. Olson didn't think this move would be necessary given the volume his offense was able to digest last season, but now he wonders whether he misjudged his young players.

"I think based upon where we felt we were at a year ago, coming into this season, I probably gave them a little too much credit maturity-wise," Olson said. "There are some things we’re just not executing, and that falls on me. So, I just feel like I need to scale back and we need to be on the details of our assignments and we need to execute better."

Olson and his staff have explored many possibilities as a root of the execution issues. They've settled on this as the likely cause.

"I just didn’t feel like the execution, period, has been as sharp," Olson said. "We’ve tried to put our finger on it throughout the season, and I just feel like it’s got to be volume. I look at things and say, 'We’re doing it in practice.' Then, at times, we’ll get into a game and there will be a mental mistake here or a wrong step or a lineman issue.

"It’s little things that have added up. So it’s just time to cut back now."

One area this will be especially true is in the running game. Missed assignments and other mistakes have proved costly.

"Four of our first six runs (against Carolina) were negative-yardage runs," Olson said. "It came down to an assignment error here or a wrong step here, someone got beat here. It wasn’t just one particular thing or one person. We just have to clean up the execution part. If that means simplifying it and cutting back on the number of runs we install, then we’ll do that to get it right."

[Last modified: Friday, December 9, 2011 3:49pm]


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