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Bucs Curious About Moss?



It's hardly news when the Bucs inquire about a player who may or may not be available. They are notorious for considering all possible acquisitions, whether the player be old, young, overweight or undersized.

But the latest rumor making the rounds is juicy enough to discuss, even if it's about as far-fetched as they come. Word is the Bucs are interested in Oakland receiver Randy Moss, the disgruntled Raider for whom Oakland is thought to be entertaining trade offers.

The Bucs are just the latest team to be linked to Moss. Already, the Packers and Patriots are said to be interested in trading for him.

Before you go making reservations for the Super Bowl, understand a few things. If -- and that's a big IF -- the Bucs were able to orchestrate a trade for Moss, the biggest hurdle would be the finances. Moss has a base salary of $9.75-million for 2007, and his salary-cap charge would be even higher. For 2008, Moss is due to make $11.25-million in the final year of the deal. For both seasons, he would be the highest paid player on Tampa Bay's roster by a mile. And teams don't just go around taking on nearly $10-million on their salary caps without some serious thought about the ramifications.

Okay, so why not restructure the deal after such a trade, you ask. Because Moss is not likely to be amenable to a pay cut, particularly a sizable one. Asking him to take one could be a deal breaker. That would be an agreement the pursuing team would insist Moss agree to before the trade is finalized, and when have we ever known Moss to cooperate?

So, this should make for some interesting talk radio buzz, but all in all, we wouldn't bet the farm that this deal gets done. If we hear otherwise, we'll let you know.

In closing, let's pose a question: As a Bucs fan, would you want Moss -- and all the potential distractions that come with him -- on your team? Do share.

[Last modified: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 2:44pm]


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