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Bucs GM Mark Dominik's Q&A on Albert Haynesworth



Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik briefed reporters here at One Buc Place a short time ago on the acquisition of Albert Haynesworth. Here are some highlights:

On why he made the move:
This move was predicated obviously because of the injury to Gerald McCoy. I can say candidly that if Gerald wasn’t hurt, I probably wouldn’t make this move. But because of the situation we’re in, I feel like Albert Haynesworth has the best ability of any defensive tackle out there. For me, it made sense as an organization to bring him on board. On the down side, we did release John McCargo.

On how Haynesworth fits the Bucs:
The need is important. I think a thing that I’m going to bank on a little bit here is that our defense and what we ask the 3-technique to do, regardless of what you’ve seen from Albert Haynesworth over the past couple of seasons, he’s been more of a 3-4 defensive end who was two-gapping. We’ve always felt he’s a 1-gap penetrator. It made sense to us, it made sense to me to put the claim in for a guy I think can help us in this second-half stretch.

On whether it’s a strange move given the Bucs’ youth movement:
There are some misconceptions sometimes about the way we’re building this team. We want to win. I think Albert Haynesworth coming down here, we control his rights like any other team in the league. It’ll be up to him and how he plays and how he performs.

On his talks with Haynesworth during free agency two years ago:
We were in talks with him that first night, but at the end of the day, Albert and his agent made the decision to go to Washington, which is fine. But he’s a guy we’ve continued to watch and we’ll continue to watch other players that we have interest in around the league.

On Haynesworth’s play and effort in New England:
I’ve read the articles. What I did was I went to the film. I watched 134 of his snaps this year, twice. I watched every game twice. I watched how he played, his effort, his motor, what they asked him to do and what he did do. I watched the play where Brandon Jacobs scored a touchdown and (Haynesworth) didn’t play another snap again for the New England Patriots. But I wanted to watch who he was as a person and as a player. That, to me, was the most important thing first.

On his evaluation of Haynesworth:
He can be strong, powerful, dominating. He’s disruptive still. He can overpower his opponent. When I see him shoot a gap, he still can play football. He’s not one of these older players who can’t play football anymore. I just want him to play our way.
I counted seven quarterback pressures, No. 1. That was important. I counted about 15 disruption plays. I counted eight total tackles, which isn’t tremendous. But again, he’s playing in a 2-gap system. I’ve always felt that Albert Haynesworth is a 1-gap player, and I feel Albert Haynesworth feels that way as well.

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