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Bucs going to be cautious with Haynesworth practice time



Buccaneers defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth wasn't practicing Wednesday with the team, but there is no injury to report or anything of concern.

General manager Mark Dominik said it's just a matter of being smart with how they work the 30-year-old veteran, and acknowledged there will be weeks were they give Haynesworth multiple days off if that's what it takes for him to be ready to go when it matters - on Sundays.

"He's obviously a 30-year old veteran who has played a lot of football in his career," Dominik said. "Obviously he came off a lot of snaps in this game (Sunday), we're going to be smart with how we practice him.  Every once and a while, Albert is going to get a day off to make sure we keep him 100 percent ready to go on gameday. Nothing more to report other than we're going to limit in terms of his practice.

"If that means sometime we feel like he needs 2-3 days off in a row, we're going to do that. If we feel like it's one day off. No set pattern of how we're going to practice him. We're just going to make sure we keep him in condition and ready to play for our team on Sundays when it matters."

Haynesworth was claimed by the Bucs last week, and after just a few days in practice, played around 40 snaps in the loss to the Texans. Dominik said there's no concern about Haynesworth's missed practice time impacts him picking up the Bucs system, saying the stuff he does in the classroom and in walkthroughs will keep him up to date. Dominik said he thought Haynesworth played well and was productive, which was "encouraging." 

"In terms of pads and hitting and limiting that exposure, we're going to make sure we keep him safe just like we do other players on our team from time to time," Dominik said.

Dominik was asked what he thought of the Bucs effort on Sunday, as coach Raheem Morris referred to a few players loafing.

"I would say this, we're going through some growing pains on this football team right now, but in terms of being panicked or desperate or worried, I'm not at that point," Dominik said. "We have a high standard around here in terms of what a loaf is in terms of Buccaneer history. So when effort is questioned, it's cause we hold guys to a very high standard. And maybe some people will see it as a lack of effort...Overall, for our organization, that's how we pride ourselves as an organization, the way you play all the way through a down. We'll continue to stress that."


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[Last modified: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 1:58pm]


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