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Bucs' Josh Freeman on performance vs. Dolphins



Because it was nearly midnight when Josh Freeman finally did his post-game press conference, here's the transcript of his Q&A with the media after last night's game against the Dolphins. He seems to think he and the offense are ready for the season opener. Feel free to have your say.

(On the start of the game)

“I missed a couple of throws, a couple to Kellen [Winslow]. I was high a little on Mike [Williams], but that comes with getting more and more game reps and getting more in the rhythm. It’s not something I’m concerned about. Obviously our penalties set us back in our first try, but it felt good, you can ask anybody; we felt great about being out there as an offense and going through our standard operating procedures.”

(On the offense)

“I think we’re right where we need to be. Obviously, a lot of it right now is just getting everybody out, getting back into the swing of things as far as being out there. The whole half you talk about how long games are, and really if you can get through the first half, the second half is the exact same with that little rest in halftime. All in all, the guys felt good. The guys were excited; the energy was high. It was great to come out and get that much playing time.”

(On RB LeGarrette Blount's receptions)

“Obviously, he’s not going to be our primary third down back, but at the same time, that’s something he’s been working a lot on, his ability to get through protections quickly and then get out in a route. Yeah, LeGarette is really stepping his game up.”

(On getting enough experience in the last three weeks)

“[I’ve gotten] plenty of work. Considering last year, I think I threw eight passes last year. It’s the preseason, it serves a purpose. I think we’ve gotten everything we’re trying to do accomplished. I feel really good about looking forward to Detroit.”

(On penalties)

“You look at holding, and so much of that is subjective, but at the same time we’ve got to find a way to eliminate that out of our game regardless of what the situation is. Penalties will kill drives. Look at different games that we may have lost and penalties play a huge role in that. The least penalized team is able to get in a rhythm and go out and score points. It’s really a drive killer. Look at the St. Louis game last year, we just kept getting penalty after penalty after penalty. It felt like we were running in quick sand. Everybody was kind of exhausted. We were patient and able to find a way out of it, but that game would have been so much easier if we were able to establish dominance and win the game having not had so many penalties.”

(On the two minute situation)

“We just let everyone go, and go play. Go play football. [Our guys] are just confident and we dictate the tempo and the terms of the game.”

(On playing Detroit)

“[We are] one hundred percent [ready for Detroit]. It’s all about dissecting Detroit and finding a way to go out and have answers to everything they’re going to bring.”

(On missed throws)

“It’s really just not getting into rhythm. A couple of throws were a little high, but you miss throws all of the time. It’s just finding a way to be more accurate. It’s nothing we’re worried about.”

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